Jews of Color

Jews of Color


Q: How much does the exhibition cost?

A: The standard fee is a $500 donation to the Scattered Among the Nations non-profit, plus shipping costs (varying based upon location – average cost estimated under $1,000) to bring the exhibit to your venue.

Q: Does the exhibition include any educational presentations?

A: You can book a multi-media presentation by Bryan Schwartz, Scattered Among the Nations’ President and the exhibition’s lead photographer, at the exhibit opening for $500, plus travel costs. You can book a scholar-in-residence program featuring a series of three events tailored to your community’s needs (for the general community, for kids, for a women’s or men’s club) for $1,500.

Q: Can I make a donation to support Scattered Among the Nations’ educational mission and the Jews of Color: a Renaissance project?

A: Yes! Costs such as framing, storage, insurance, etc., are covered entirely by your generous donations. Donate by making a check out to "Scattered Among the Nations" and mail to:

Scattered Among the Nations
c/o Bryan Schwartz, President
180 Grand Avenue, Suite 1380
Oakland, CA 94612